New Indian Express Group Editor Prabhu Chawla talks about demonetization

New Indian Express Group Editor Prabhu Chawla talks about demonetization

The interview contains:

Prabhu Chawla, the Editor and Director of the New Indian Express Group is interviewed by Pradip Bhandari, Founder and CEO of Jan Ki Baat about the government’s recent move to demonetize ?1000 and ?500 and about the Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal’s reaction to it. Prabhu Chawla commends the government for undertaking such a bold task and for its noble goal of achieving a clean, blackmoney-free economy. He acknowledges the urgent need to address the problems faced by the government; the PM need a team that’s ready to “run a marathon” to correct the gaps and fill the loopholes. Kejriwal’s attacks on the BJP and PM, questions Chawla, may or may not crop out of a genuine concern.

Demonetization was a first step by BJP in its plan to eradicate the parallel black economy that exists in the country. From 9th November 2016, the legal tender of ?1000 and ?500 was withdrawn to invalidate the mounds of black money lying around. Cleaning the economic scenario of India was one of the government’s primary motivation.

As a policy, demonetization is a good start but the implementation mechanism has to re-examined for a smoother functioning of the policy, with strong teamwork to back it up.

Pradip Bhandari
Pradip Bhandari is the recipient of young leader award 2014 in the largest Indian Model Youth Parliament. He is a public policy graduate who is a Daly College and MIT Manipal alumnus. A believer in "Be the change you want to see", he wants to give voice to the citizens.


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