Day 7 of Training and Educating India towards a cashless future near NewDelhi Railway Station

Day 7 of Training and Educating India towards a cashless future near NewDelhi Railway Station

Day 7 of the Training and Educating people about a Cashless Future took place near the New Delhi Railway Station with the BJP MLA, Meenakshi Lekhi’s, help. Lekhi remarked that the symbolic value of the currency in the possession of people has increased because now one could understand the value of lower-denomination notes. ?10, ?20, ?50 now have become as important as the higher denomination notes, which is positive, according to Lekhi.A number of people that Jan Ki Baat spoke to, praised the government’s intentions. Ajit, the head constable at the New Delhi Police Station, acknowledged the problems common people were facing but also praised the government’s attempt. A member of the Taxi Union near the Station, too, praised the PM, noting that the difficulties one was encountering were only temporary in nature.

A cashless system, relatively a new concept in India, is quite common in other nations. Countries like Switzerland and USA are already, partly cashless, with most of its payments and transfers taking place through online platforms and digital banking. Unified Payment Interface or UPI is an App begun by the National Payment Corporation of India to encourage similar behaviour in India.

Digitalized behaviour would provide a solution for numerous concerns that exist in the Indian banking and finance scenario. The question that remain, though, is, whether a smooth shift from a primarily cash-based system to a cashless one is possible.”,

Pradip Bhandari
Pradip Bhandari is the recipient of young leader award 2014 in the largest Indian Model Youth Parliament. He is a public policy graduate who is a Daly College and MIT Manipal alumnus. A believer in "Be the change you want to see", he wants to give voice to the citizens.


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