CEO's Message
jan ki baat ceo and founder pradip bhandari
The PEOPLE OF INDIA are messengers of change...

Change which is people led. We the People of India are the ones with which the preamble of constitution starts.

We the people should not expect to be passive recipients of, but active participants in India's development journey.

jan ki baat ceo and founder
We should question, contribute and cooperate with each other to take society forward. We should be part of solution not just point problem.
We have been talking about youth and demographic dividend and some late 1990's, yet we the youth have not takes ownership of this development.
When I say, ownership, I point at being leaders in thought, ideas and implementation.
jan ki baat ceo and founder
The youth has to take ownership in all fields aspire to entire public, make world class companies, and provide innovative solutions to improve life of the citizen.

It is the youth, which will develop the destiny of the great civilization. Let us not wait and take steps to contribute in taking India forward.