Ae Watan by Jan Ki Baat

Ae Watan by Jan Ki Baat

Three Indian soldiers were killed in action in North Kashmir on 22nd November 2016. The body of one of the soldiers was mutilated. The deceased have been identified as Sepoys Prabhu from Rajasthan, and Sushant and Manoj Kumar from Uttar Pradesh.

The increased hostility and aggressiveness has sparked a new debate about the declining nature of humanity itself. The growing border-tension bears testimony to this debate. The last such incident took place just last month of October; on October 29th, the mutilated body of Sepoy Mandeep Singh was found near the Kupwara district.

Jan Ki Baat condemns these inhumane actions and salutes the bravery of these soldiers, whose patrolling keeps the people across the border safe. “,

Pradip Bhandari
Pradip Bhandari is the recipient of young leader award 2014 in the largest Indian Model Youth Parliament. He is a public policy graduate who is a Daly College and MIT Manipal alumnus. A believer in "Be the change you want to see", he wants to give voice to the citizens.


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